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What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional who diagnoses and treats hearing and balance problems. An audiologist has received an Au.D. (Doctorate in Audiology), or a Master’s or Doctoral degree from an accredited university graduate program in audiology.

Audiologists are trained to diagnose, manage and treat hearing or balance problems for individuals from birth through adulthood.

After carefully reviewing your health history and evaluating your hearing, an audiologist will determine whether your condition might be medically treatable and will refer you to an appropriate professional. If your condition is not medically treatable, he or she will review any recommendations for audiologic care or treatment which may include hearing aids, aural rehabilitation or balance therapy.

Your First Appointment

During your first appointment, you can expect a full hearing evaluation, including speech-in-noise testing.  Hearing in noise is one of the biggest complaints for people with all degrees of hearing loss.  That’s why your hearing evaluation will address testing directly related to this area.

– We will review your hearing evaluation results in detail, educating you on types and causes of hearing loss.

– We will talk about your everyday life and the areas where you notice the most difficulties.

You can demo a set of hearing aids to get a preview of they may sound like to you – and hearing aids are not the only thing that can help with hearing loss.  There are so many other tools that can be used to help address your everyday needs; we will talk about those alternatives which could help you connect again to things that matter to you.

Payment Philosophy

One important difference in Life Hearing Solutions compared to many other offices where you can receive hearing related assistance:

We do not file insurance. We are not a provider with any insurance (except Medicare).

We are a small, simple practice that wants to keep the focus where it needs to be, and that is on addressing your hearing related needs.  Since we are small and simple, we hope you find our services personal and feel that you are the focus.  In an effort to keep things small and simple, we hope you find the costs of our services to be competitive, if not lower, than other offices we know you could choose to visit.

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